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Maras - Moray

This is a private tour, one to four persons.


An alternative hike from Chinchero follows the spectacular Maras-Moray-Pichingoto salt mines route.


Hotel pick up: 8 am

Return time: 7 pm




MARAS.- (Salt stream) Those 5000 terraced Inca salineras (salt pans) are still in production after hundred of years. The cascade of centuries-old rectangular basins Is like a giant artwork by a Cubist painter obsessed with the color white. You will also visit the Chapel of Maras and its little market.


MORAY.- This remote but beautiful site is well worth a visit. There are three colosseums, used by the Incas, according to some theories, as a sort of open-air crop nursery, known locally as the laboratory of the Incas.


INCLUDED: Transportation, Spanish or English guide.


COST: US$ 79 incl. taxes (10% service and 18% Government taxes)

COST: S/. 200.60 incl. taxes (10% service and 18% Government taxes)


Note: referencial prices subject to changes without notice.