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Peru is considered the best gastronomic destination in South América [English]




Peru was named best gastronomic destination in south America by the World Travel Awards 2012, regarded worldwide as the Oscar of tourism, event which is led by The Wall Street Journal.


This event, held in Turks and Caicos, Territory Ocean Ultra UK, attended leaders came from South America and the Caribbean.

The World Travel Awards are an award with 19 experience years that recognizes and celebrates excellence in all sectors of tourism industry and travel around the world. The awards have their own categories covering all continents.


Nominations are made on the basis of recommendations made by professionals tourism industry, however, are also the result of promotional activities that are performed worldwide.


Now Peruvian winners compete together with their peers in the rest of the world and the final results will be announced on December 12, when the final takes place in India (New Delhi).



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