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The last refuge of Inca empire [English]



Undoubtedly one of the most  deeds importants from ancient Peru was the rebellious spirit awakened in men of Inca empire (Tawantinsuyu), very shortly thereafter after the Spanish arrival,when the last descendant of the royal dynasty and later their successors established a new kingdom, for about forty years, in the district of Vilcabamba today in Cusco.

Also called by the natives of  area Espiritu Pampa, spanish-quechua whose name means "The plains of  spirits" (in honor to valiants ous Inca conquest during the fighting in defense of their culture). Vilcabamba or Espiritu Pampa is considered a place stayed where the called "Incas of Vilcabamba" as a strategy of resistance to the Spanish conquest, and where the indigenous took refuge also harassed by the tribute and forced labor.

The location of this place was forgotten after the capture of the last Inca of Vilcabamba, Tupac Amaru I, during the year 1572, when the town was burned, before the Spanish could conquer. In 1911 Hiram Bingham thought Machu Picchu was the city that had searched both "The Lost City of the Incas", but this hypothesis was not accepted, so during 1976 Edmundo Guillen explored Espiritu Pampa and gave  as fact with the identification from Vilcabamba. Since the 1980s this theory has been widely accepted until now.