South of Cuzco


(Private tour for 1 to 3 persons)


Hotel pick up: 8 am

Return time: 2 pm




ANDAHUAYLILLAS.- It is called the Sixteen Chapel of the Americas because of its beautiful frescoes and internal architecture.  Its roof it totally painted  with quality and colors,  showing a great example of the Baroque art in the New World.


PIKILLAKTA.- It translates city of fleas  and belongs to the Wari cultures. It appears to have been a place for storing supplies housing itinerant groups of workers, gathering and distributing tributes, and conducting ceremonies.


TIPON.- The site include baths , terraces, irrigation systems and a temple complex, accessible by a path leading fro just above the last terrace, all in a fine setting.


INCLUDED: Transportation, Spanish or English guide. Lunch not included.


COST: US$ 69 incl. taxes (10% service and 18% Government taxes)

COST: S/. 180.00 incl. taxes (10% service and 18% Government taxes)


Note: referencial prices subject to changes without notice.